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You might be familiar with a few of these not-so-great feelings...

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Guess what? You're not alone...

Claire profile

Hi, I’m Claire, a fellow #Solopreneur and recovering perfectionist, living in Sydney, Australia.

In 2015, I started my first side-hustle business, and it did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. By any account, my first attempt was NOT a success (at least not financially).

It was, however, a crazy journey of self-discovery; of overcoming failure, battling self-doubt, conquering procrastination and attempting to find focus in the madness of it all.

And even though it was tough, I found my silver lining...

I discovered new ways to train my mind, to focus my thoughts, to build better habits and smarter systems, so that I could be more efficient, more productive and most of all more effective in getting what I wanted out of my life.

And so began my new mission... 

To help busy, ambitious women - just like you - work smarter, live better and achieve the happiness you desire. 

Want to connect via social? 

I spend most of my social time on Facebook, and you can find me here.

Or join my FB Group #WorkInProgress here. It's for beginners in business and part-time entrepreneurs 

I love me some Instagram so you can check that out, I am @getbossynow. 

I'm also one of those weirdos who loves Twitter, so if you are too, you can find me @claire_emerson_. 

If you want to cover all the bases, then you can also find me on Linked in here

What to do next...

I would love to connect with you a little more, and send you some cool stuff if you're interested, so as a final note, you can click here to sign up to my weekly love letters,  where I get into all the fun stuff (and provide my best work!).

Looking forward to connecting wherever you choose!